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Frequently Asked Questions

Image by Evan Dennis

Who can come to Camp Onidah? Any young man who is between the ages of 14 and 19 by the first day of camp may attend.

Can campers bring their phones? It is best to leave all electronic devices at home other than a wrist watch. Any devices that are brought to camp will be collected by the staff for the duration, then returned on the final day.

What should we not bring? All projectiles (sling shots, bows and arrows, airsoft guns, BB or pellet guns, fire arms of any kind) are prohibited. A small pocket knife is allowed. All fixed blade knives, hatchets, axes, etc are prohibited.

What are the sleeping arrangements? We will provide tents for you to use. Campers and staff will sleep in separate tents. Campers 18 years and older will sleep in tents seperate from campers 17 years and younger. If you would like to bring your own tent or hammock, you may.

Are there flushing toilets and showers? There are flushing toilets. We will provide 1 make shift shower that you may use if you would like. Even if you choose to use it, don't plan to return home smelling ready for a nice date.

What adult supervision will there be? We practice "double-deep" leadership (no one-on-one contact between staff and campers). We also work to maintain a ration of at least 1 adult for every 4 campers.

How do I contact my child if there is an emergency at home? If there is an emergency at home that your child should be made aware of, call or text Bryton, the Camp Dirctor. He will explain what is going on to your child. If you need to come pick up your child, be sure to fill out the "Leaving Early" form so we know where your child is and that they are safe.

What if there is an emergency at Camp Onidah? If there is an accident, our staff is trained in First Aid. If there is a medical emergency, we are less than 30 minutes from the hospital and will get your child appropriate treatment.

What is your Parental Visiting Policy? We maintain a strict "No Visitors" policy unless you have scheduled ahead to be a volunteer. We find that campers behave differently in front of their family, so we ask that you don't visit so that we can help them have the most authentic and transformative experience they can.

Policy on arriving late or leaving early Campers who arrive late or leave early will not recieve a refund or pro-rated price. If a camper is going to arrive late, they should coordinate with Bryton, the Camp Director. We cannot make up for any activities that they may have missed. Campers under the age of 18 cannot leave early unless a parent or guardian comes to collect them, informs at least 2 of our staff members, AND fills out our "Leaving Early" form.

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