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What we do:

Our vision is to help young people learn and practice the tools of self-mastery so they can live up to their own values. Our purpose is to teach those self-mastery tools through adventure.


Who we serve:

Camp Onidah is meant to serve young men between the ages of 14-19 years old (if you are 19+ and want to participate, please consider applying to join our staff). Our team belongs to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and the teachings of God through His prophets will be included in every portion of what we do.  It is not required for campers to be members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.


What is Camp Onidah:

Camp Onidah is a camping adventure where young men can participate in outdoor adventures they may not have the opportunity to at home. Our activities include swordsmanship classes, blacksmithing, team-building games, LARP-style war games with foam swords, and more. Each of our activities has been chosen for its ability to teach self-mastery tools.


What to expect:

Campers will be assigned to a “battalion” for the week. Meals and tents will be provided. Campers will engage in activities as a battalion. This is a tech-free camp, anything that requires batteries (excluding a “dumb” watch) either should be left at home or will need to be turned in on the first day of camp. There will be a parent Zoom meeting before camp to answer your questions.

Image by Marita Kavelashvili

Meet the Team

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